3 things thursday [91]

1.  As you guys know, I’m a pretty prolific tweeter.  Meaning, I’m always on the Twitter saying one thing or another.  BEHOLD, the most popular thing I will ever tweet… and it’s a line from The Simpsons, and not something cool about me.  I don’t know how to feel about that!

2.  I hosted book club last Friday night, and only 2 people (and my co-host, Anne) came.  It made me feel really terrible.  Also, I’ve been eating chicken tacos since then, with no end in sight.

3.  I’ve decided to pay it forward a little bit with running – I joined BibRave, and I’ve been methodically reviewing races from September 2013-present.  It’s a lot of work!  I used to do way more detailed race reviews on this site, but I decided that I liked writing more about my own running as opposed to someone else’s.  I’m trying my best to be honest and to provide tips in each review.  Check it out!

these are my confessions

Don’t fear the list post…

1.  I really have no idea what is happening in Ferguson, MO.  Like, seriously.  I don’t watch the news and I don’t watch CNN, and I don’t even get a newspaper anymore, so I just don’t know.  All I know is that the way people are acting so crazy on social media, maybe it’s a good thing that I know nothing.

2.  Did they ever find that plane?  Just wondering.

3.  @OrtonPants has claimed Katy Perry’s “Roar” as his power song.

4.  A lot of times lately, I find myself wishing that I was more of an adult.  Then I remember that sounds lame, and go back to my slot machine on Facebook.

5.  Sometimes, I can’t stop staring at my engagement ring.  I realize that makes me one of THOSE girls, but I swear I can’t help it.

6.  Gone With The Wind has taken me forever and a day to read so far.

7.  I often have to wash laundry twice, since I leave wet stuff in the dryer for too long and then it starts to smell.

8.  I don’t read past the second paragraph in an email.  Ever.  That is too long.

9.  Kale is a trend that needs to die.  Gross.

10.  There exist no photos of me running in the Homestretch for Heroes 5K.  Sadsies.

11.  My water bottles always grow mold.

12.  I’m addicted to The Simpsons marathon on FXX.

13.  I would like to know how Running can stand up in my wedding, since it is my best friend.

14.  I would also like to set a wedding date, like, for real.  (Hah, either that or I might just show up married sometime.  Whatevs.)

15.  Sometimes I buy stuff off of infomercials on TV.

16.  I still have, like, half a jewelry box of my mom’s things.  I don’t know what to do with all of it.  There’s SO MUCH.  I’ve already given so much away, and kept a lot for myself, but it’s like it automatically regenerates.  (So if you like costume jewelry or yellow gold, and especially if you really like Jesus, let me know!)

17.  I need a beer.  And more Simpsons.  Bye for now.

batavia half madness half marathon RR

View past recaps of this race here and here.

The Short Version:  High humidity threatened to derail this training run.  I persevered, ruining my favorite tank top in the process*, finishing in 1:58:40.

Pre-race:  I left my house at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am.  I had an hour to get to Batavia, and I wanted to be sure to score a good parking spot and get my packet.  I ended up having more than enough time for all of that, including 2 bathroom stops and a little bit of progress on my Gone With the Wind reading.

Eventually I made my way back to the start line, and then at 7am without musical fanfare or an airhorn (due to local noise ordinances), we were OFF!

Mile 1:  My plan for today is to run the first 15K as if it were a race at GMP (I know, super confusing explanation, but bear with me), and then reassess.  If the humidity makes me want to melt, then I’ll just walk the rest of it.  Good training for my Chicago plan, IMO.  8:18

Mile 2:  This course is a little different from the way it has been laid out in years past.  All I know is that there are A LOT of turns through a residential area, and I have already soaked through my shirt due to the humidity.  DERP.  Best mile of the day.  8:10

Mile 3:  The first aid station on the course has finally arrived – at mile 2.5.  Call me crazy, but I do remember that it is August, and I find this completely unacceptable.  If I’m paying x amount of dollars for a race, I expect it to be staffed appropriately!

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now, because I’ve had Gatorade and am no longer light-headed.  8:31

Mile 4:  Really nice downhill, and there are TONS of people out cheering for us.  One nice thing about this race – the entire community is behind it.  I can’t tell you how many awesome people were out there providing encouragement.  It was really great.  8:15

Mile 5:  Onto the Fox River Trail, where it’s still pretty humid (I AM DRIPPING), but at least the sun isn’t out and the trail is very shaded.  I got stuck in a box with a bunch of people, and with bikes on the other side, it was hard to get around.  But hey, I’m still running right at my goal pace!  8:35

Mile 6:  I seriously can’t believe this race is going so quickly – I fully expected to die by now.  But oh wait, there is no water in sight, so yeah, I am dying a little bit.  8:26

Mile 7:  FINALLY there is water, just as we get off the trail.  There’s also an older man handing out baggies full of ice cubes.  Whoever you are, sir, you ABSOLUTELY saved the day.  I grabbed a baggie and stuffed half of the ice cubes in the front of my bra, and the other half in the back.  Haha half of the back ones somehow made their way into the liner of my shorts, and then I had ice running down my butt crack.  It should be noted, internet, that I did not hate this at all.  8:59

Mile 8:  I would like to be done now, pleaseandthankyou.  8:11

Mile 9:  I had to stop and walk.  The humidity is really killing me (because I’m not used to it?).  It feels like a swamp outside, and I am soaked to the bone.  There have been sprinklers on the course, and I have run through them all.  I dread very much getting back into my car after the race is over.  9:22

Mile 10:  I finished my 15K “race’ in 1:19:16, which is 8:31 pace, and a little under my GMP.  Even walking up a huge hill and walking at mile 9 kept me under.  Really proud of my effort!

Then I walked all the way to the next aid station while I ate my Gu.  I regret nothing.  13:03

Mile 11:  Onto the trail again, where it’s shady and cool and DOWNHILL.  I don’t hate this at all.

After 10 miles I reassessed.  I wanted to walk until mile 12, but then I decided that would delay my beer and pizza consumption, and that just would not do.  So I ran, albeit at training pace.  9:13

Mile 12:  Now my shoes are making a squishing sound whenever my foot strikes the ground.  Delightful.  8:59

Mile 13:  My legs are a little heavy, and the trail is much more crowded.  I’m not super motivated to do a whole lot of weaving, so I just go with the flow and pick it up once I turn the corner and see the finish.  8:56

Mile 13.22:  I get to run on a BRIDGE, which is pretty much the best thing ever for the finish line.  1:39

FINAL TIME:  1:58:40
2014 RACE / 2014 DISTANCE / OVERALL DISTANCE:  24/8/92
MEDALS/FINISHER AWARDS:  Bottle opener medals!
NEXT RACE:  Urban Hoedown 5K, 8.27.2014

Post-race:  The best part about the race is the party!  Free pizza and beer, both unlimited.  PLUS, there is a tub full of pop.  It’s magical.  I grabbed a couple (okay, three) pieces of pizza and headed straight for the beer!  It’s always the official start of my 2nd favorite season… Oktoberfest!  I had one (okay, two) ice cold Sam Adams Oktoberfest beers, and then drove back home.  Barefoot, since my feet were disgusting.

Obligatory medal selfie.

Obligatory medal selfie.

* rust from the safety pins + the orange color of the bib number running due to my saturation = my favorite mint tank top that will never be the same.  I’m sad :(

training aug 18-24 [6]

Training Stuff:

Monday:  6 miles (56:24 min, avg pace 9:24) + 1.02 miles walking (16:16 min, avg pace 15:57) = 7.02 miles
Tuesday:  1.14 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:47) + 0.40 miles walking (6:28 min, avg pace 16:13) = 1.54 miles
Wednesday:  3 miles (28:10 min, avg pace 9:24) + 1.21 miles walking (19:14 min, avg pace 15:54) = 4.21 miles
Thursday:  1.20 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:20) + 0.33 miles walking (5:19 min, avg pace 16:10) = 1.53 miles
Friday:  3.01 miles (27:36 min, avg pace 9:10) + 0.50 miles walking (8 min, avg pace 16:00) = 3.51 miles
Saturday:  1.1 miles (9:51 min, avg pace 8:57)
Sunday:  13.22 miles (1:58:39, avg pace 8:59)

Total Mileage:  32.13
Total Mileage (month):  118.38
Total Mileage (year):  1078.65

Total Time:  5:14:57
Total Time (month):  19:43:32
Total Time (year):  183:37:22

Fun Stuff:

Something Interesting:
I really hated running today.  My goal for the race was to run 9.3 miles (15K) at goal marathon pace.  I did that, even a bit under, but the wheels fell off the bus at mile 7.  I guess I could blame the humidity (since I was soaked after a mile), but I’ve been blaming myself instead.  Officially terrified of the marathon.  11 weeks to go.

Books I Read:
I’m Having So Much Fun Here Without You (Courtney Maum)

New Beers I Tried:
None yet, but the day is very young :)


the anti-inspirational league

You were supposed to get a race report today, but here’s what happened on Thursday:  I got the last spot in the Metra lot, all the way down at the end where it’s narrow.  I took the train downtown, exited Ogilvie, and… there was rain.  SO.  MUCH.  RAIN.  I had 3 miles to get to Soldier Field.  I figured, by the time I get there and go through packet pickup, there’s a very good chance that I will have to stand in the rain for an hour (because my new shorts are NOT sitting in the mud).  I decided that did not sound like fun, so I hopped back on the (express, yay) train and went home.  I was at home and had run and was eating pizza and watching football when the race started.  I’d say I win.

I love this post from Suz earlier in the week – I’d love to think that if you met me in person, I would be exactly the same person you read online.  (That’s what I strive for, anyway.)  But, you know, sometimes reality is a little to the left.

I am:

-Snarky – Very true.  I don’t have to know you for too long before I start cracking jokes, mostly about other people.  Sometimes it’s not nice, but it sure is funny.

-Socially Awkward – I am the weirdo person standing off by herself, staring hard at someone because I recognize them and think I know them, but way too chicken to go over and investigate further.  When I first meet you, I stare at my feet, and often stutter.  It’s super attractive.

-Stable – I have a job.  I make money.  I am not in any debt.  My family has been through hell this year, and I’d like to think that I’ve held up really well.  I’d like to think that I held up others well.

-Fiercely independent – I actually used to be the kind of girl who molded herself around whatever guy she was dating.  Like, I only cared about his stuff and not any of my own.  I did that with Jakre too, in the beginning and for 4 years after.  I know – 4 YEARS.  It was like one day, I woke up, crawled out of my shell, and remembered who I was and the things that made ME happy.  Obviously, since Jakre and I are now engaged, it only made our relationship better.

-A terrible housewife – I don’t like to cook and I don’t like to clean.  I can do both, but choose not to.  Sometimes my house resembles a frat house, but rest assured, if you are coming over, I will swish out the toilet for you.

-Not a fan of people who aren’t as smart as me – This sounds terrible, but hear me out.  A lot of it stems from my job, where people ask me the most idiotic questions (like, why doesn’t the webpage load when I type an email address into my browser), and I have to answer them politely and without telling said people that they are stupid.  I was always a smart kid growing up, and I worked hard to be smart, and to be good in school.  Anyone can be smart with a little hard work.  It frustrates me to no end when people want you to do everything for them, and don’t bother to learn things for themselves.

-Loyal to a fault – If you are my friend, then you are my friend forever.  Even when you do shitty things to me, I still keep you around… why, I’m not always sure.  But I care about your well-being, and will go out of my way for you.  FOR LIFE.

Your turn – what is one thing you are but your blog isn’t?