awesomesauce august

Miles Run/Walked –  161.22

Miles Biked –  0

Races Run –  5

Miles Raced –  45.5

PRs at said races –  0

Medals earned –  4

Age group awards –  0

New thing done –  running down the Mag Mile!

Blog posts written –  32

Non-race report blogs written –  28

New beers I tried – 19

Books I read –  6

Biggest achievement –  getting under 24 minutes again at a 5K race!

Biggest disappointment –  I hosted book club, and not a lot of people came.  I cleaned my toilet for nothing.  :(

Things (races) to look forward to in September –  Super Bears Shuffle 5K

How’s the streak? –  826 days and counting…

training aug 25-31 [7]

Training Stuff:

Monday:  1.18 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:29) + 0.37 miles walking (6:04 min, avg pace 16:25) = 1.55 miles
Tuesday:  4 miles (49:38 min, avg pace 12:25) + 0.24 miles walking (5:10 min, avg pace 21:37) = 4.24 miles
Wednesday:  2.8 miles (24:12 min, avg pace 8:38) + 3.08 miles (23:41 min, avg pace 7:41) + 1.97 miles (17:06 min, avg pace 8:41) = 7.85 miles
Thursday:  4 miles (38 min, avg pace 9:30) + 1.08 miles walking (17:15 min, avg pace 15:58) = 5.08 miles
Friday:  1.17 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:33) + 0.36 miles walking (5:26 min, avg pace 15:08) = 1.53 miles
Saturday:  7 miles (1:06:02, avg pace 9:26) + 1 mile walking (15:55 min) = 8 miles
Sunday:  1.34 miles (12:20 min, avg pace 9:12) + 13.25 miles (2:05:20, avg pace 9:28) = 14.59 miles

Total Mileage:  42.84
Total Mileage (month):  161.22
Total Mileage (year):  1121.49

Total Time:  7:11:09
Total Time (month):  26:54:41
Total Time (year):  190:48:31

Fun Stuff:

Something Interesting:
Basically, I felt like my body was breaking down and dying this whole entire week.  I can’t believe I have 11 weeks of marathon training left.  I can’t believe that I used to run half marathons under 2 hours.  I really hope this run slow to run fast thing pays off!
Books I Read:
Gone With The Wind (Margaret Mitchell)
Mansfield Park (Jane Austen)
New Beers I Tried:
312 Urban Pale Ale (Goose Island)
Extended Play ISA (Lakefront)
ZON Belgian Style Witbier (Boulevard)
Castaway IPA (Kona)
Lawnmower Lager (Baderbrau)
Fiddlesticks (Buckle Down)
Robyn (Middle Brow)

urban hoedown 5K RR

The Short Version:  On a no-excuses evening at Soldier Field, I got burned by Eric in the first 50 feet, but still finished 5 seconds faster than 2 weeks ago, in 23:41.

Pre-race:  At the last minute, I decided to save myself some headaches and take the Metra in from the suburbs.  I had a 7 miler in my pocket for this week, so I figured that running to and from Soldier Field from Ogilvie would take care of that.  My train arrived at 5:38pm, and I was off to Soldier Field!

Basically, I dodged commuters forever, getting strange looks because I run funny with my backpack on.  (Even though Lululemon no longer sells this backpack, it’s still worth a review!  Coming soon!)  I got to Grant Park, ran down Columbus next to the fountain, dodged tourists, finally picking up the path and going around the Field Museum to Soldier Field.

Now, the temperature on Wednesday was actually pretty cool, but when I arrived at packet pickup, I was dripping with sweat.  Note to self:  ALWAYS bring a towel in your backpack!  I seriously sweat like a pig.  I got my stuff, met up with Eric, and then hung out with him and his friend Courtney until it was time to head for the start corral.  Eric said that he would be okay with running a 23:30ish race (basically all I am capable of, speed-wise, at this time), so we lined up together.  Then the anthem, and we were OFF!

Mile 1:  We cross the start line, and I am with Eric for approximately 50 feet, when he takes off on me and I eat his dust.  Whatever, dude.  I’m not going to chase you.  Mom always said not to chase boys or buses, another one would come along.

So I settle into my pace, not looking at Garmin at all, just focusing on not getting run over by people or dogs or bicycles, etc.  I get to the first mile marker, which is early, but I’m not complaining!  7:43 (Garmin had 7:24 when I crossed the mile 1 marker on the course.)

Mile 2:  5Ks are really easy for me, once I remind myself that it will hurt and that I will probably feel like I have to barf.  The BEST thing is that the turnaround comes much quicker than it does during a half marathon, because BOOM, I have turned around and am officially on the second half of the course heading towards the tall buildings on this pretty night.  7:43

Mile 3:  Enjoy the night, pass some more ladies, repeat.  I’m pretty much on auto-pilot and cruising through this one.  No problems.  I know this course like the back of my hand, and figure I’ll be under 24 minutes without a problem.  7:43

Mile 3.08:  Sprint to the finish!  (In case you’re wondering, yes, I really did sprint.  I wanted to beat my time from the Homestretch for Heroes 5K!)  0:32

FINAL TIME:  23:41
MEDALS/FINISHER AWARDS:  Bolo tie medals (really, it’s a shoelace with a piece of metal on it)
NEXT RACE:  Mag Mile Women’s Half Marathon, 8.31.2014

Post-race:  Eric waited for me in the chute, and we headed into the festival area to get my bag.  On our way to pick up our cowboy hats, we ran into Eric’s friends Tiffany and Harry.  I read Tiffany’s blog, so it was SO nice to finally meet her in person!  Yay!  We got our beer, found Courtney again, and spread my blanket out on the grass to enjoy the music… which ended abruptly at one point, and I cannot find it anywhere why this occurred.  There is an internet black hole.  Help.

Celebrating Eric's monster PR!

Celebrating Eric’s monster PR!

Mmm 312 pale ale... which Untappd claims I never logged?  Weirdo.

Mmm 312 pale ale… which Untappd claims I never logged? Weirdo.

Once it got pretty dark, I walked with Eric and Courtney for a bit, then ran the rest of the way to Ogilvie.  I wolfed down some McDonald’s, then read some more of Mansfield Park on the train ride home.  It was a fun little night!

Free cowboy hat, which Santos T. Goat has decided is a boat.

Free cowboy hat, which Santos T. Goat has decided is a boat.

3 things thursday [91]

1.  As you guys know, I’m a pretty prolific tweeter.  Meaning, I’m always on the Twitter saying one thing or another.  BEHOLD, the most popular thing I will ever tweet… and it’s a line from The Simpsons, and not something cool about me.  I don’t know how to feel about that!

2.  I hosted book club last Friday night, and only 2 people (and my co-host, Anne) came.  It made me feel really terrible.  Also, I’ve been eating chicken tacos since then, with no end in sight.

3.  I’ve decided to pay it forward a little bit with running – I joined BibRave, and I’ve been methodically reviewing races from September 2013-present.  It’s a lot of work!  I used to do way more detailed race reviews on this site, but I decided that I liked writing more about my own running as opposed to someone else’s.  I’m trying my best to be honest and to provide tips in each review.  Check it out!

these are my confessions

Don’t fear the list post…

1.  I really have no idea what is happening in Ferguson, MO.  Like, seriously.  I don’t watch the news and I don’t watch CNN, and I don’t even get a newspaper anymore, so I just don’t know.  All I know is that the way people are acting so crazy on social media, maybe it’s a good thing that I know nothing.

2.  Did they ever find that plane?  Just wondering.

3.  @OrtonPants has claimed Katy Perry’s “Roar” as his power song.

4.  A lot of times lately, I find myself wishing that I was more of an adult.  Then I remember that sounds lame, and go back to my slot machine on Facebook.

5.  Sometimes, I can’t stop staring at my engagement ring.  I realize that makes me one of THOSE girls, but I swear I can’t help it.

6.  Gone With The Wind has taken me forever and a day to read so far.

7.  I often have to wash laundry twice, since I leave wet stuff in the dryer for too long and then it starts to smell.

8.  I don’t read past the second paragraph in an email.  Ever.  That is too long.

9.  Kale is a trend that needs to die.  Gross.

10.  There exist no photos of me running in the Homestretch for Heroes 5K.  Sadsies.

11.  My water bottles always grow mold.

12.  I’m addicted to The Simpsons marathon on FXX.

13.  I would like to know how Running can stand up in my wedding, since it is my best friend.

14.  I would also like to set a wedding date, like, for real.  (Hah, either that or I might just show up married sometime.  Whatevs.)

15.  Sometimes I buy stuff off of infomercials on TV.

16.  I still have, like, half a jewelry box of my mom’s things.  I don’t know what to do with all of it.  There’s SO MUCH.  I’ve already given so much away, and kept a lot for myself, but it’s like it automatically regenerates.  (So if you like costume jewelry or yellow gold, and especially if you really like Jesus, let me know!)

17.  I need a beer.  And more Simpsons.  Bye for now.