just january

Miles Run/Walked –  155.18

Miles Biked –  13

Races Run –  0

Miles Raced – 0

PRs at said races –  0

Medals earned –  0

Age group awards –  0

New thing done – made a lasagna – and it was delicious!

Blog posts written –  25

Non-race report blogs written –  25

New beers I tried –  28

Books I read –  14

Biggest achievement – I’m not gonna lie, it was reaching 1000 beers on Untappd.  I’ve been chasing that one for awhile.

Biggest disappointment – Not racing.  It was a personal choice, but man, when that 40 degree Saturday came around and I wasn’t racing, I definitely regretted it.

Things (races) to look forward to in February – Super Bowl Shuffle 5K (Jill’s 100th 5K!), Ragnar Florida Keys (my 8th Ragnar!)

How’s the streak? –  979 days and counting…

3 things thursday [112]

1.  Jakre and I are watching The West Wing for the first time on Netflix.  We are currently in the middle of season 3.  Jakre hates Jed Bartlett, and hopes he gets assassinated.  I am wondering where the hell Danny went, and thinking that if he and CJ don’t end up together forever, then love does not exist.  [No spoilers, please!]

2.  Speaking of Netflix, on Saturday, The Interview was uploaded.  We watched it.  Don’t waste your time – it was AWFUL.  This is what we saw instead of American Sniper.  I feel like I will come to regret this.

3.  I am currently reading both Anna Karenina (still) and a biography of John Lennon.  Talk about completely different ends of the literary spectrum!

book club – year 1

Something you might not know about me – I am in a book club.  It was put together by Katie last year, and we’re still going strong!  To celebrate year 1, I thought I’d tell you a little about what we read (with my thoughts in 8 words or less), and some of the snacks that I made (once I started getting better at the whole cooking thing).

MWF Seeking BFF (Rachel Bertsche) – I don’t enjoy nonfiction.
-I brought wine.
The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein) – Didn’t finish, subjects hit too close to home.
-I brought wine again.  I am good at bringing wine.
The Signature of All Things (Elizabeth Gilbert) – So very weird… and long.
-I ran a marathon in Indiana instead of attending.
Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand) – True story that reads like great fiction.
-Did not attend due to Mom stuff.
Happier at Home (Gretchen Rubin) – Not as good as The Happiness Project.
-Did not attend due to the Stanley Cup playoffs (sorry/not sorry).
My Life in France (Julia Child) – I learned it’s hard to make mayonnaise.
-Did not attend because I was in Utah with the divas.
The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell) – I only came for the wine.
-I brought wine.  Again.
I’m Having So Much Fun Here Without You (Courtney Maum) – My pick, and I really enjoyed it.
-I hosted!  I made pulled chicken tacos in my crockpot, beer cheese dip, and fruit salad.  I also baked brownies.  The brownies were the clear winner.
Me Before You (JoJo Moyes) – Couldn’t put it down.  Good discussion subjects.
-I made beer cheese dip, by special request.
The Night Circus (Erin Morganstern) – One of my all-time favorites.
-I made these cookie/brownie things.  They were from a box.  But they were delicious.
Brain on Fire (Susannah Cahalan) – Flat after awhile.  Needed more “after” stories.
-I made funfetti dip.  Remember dunkaroos?  This is exactly what the dip tastes like.

As you can see, everything was really varied (both with books and with snacks).  I was (admittedly) kind of a bum the first half of the year, but I had some personal stuff going on that required my attention.  Once July rolled around, I had perfect attendance.

Three things I’ve learned from my book club:
1.  I like wine.  Really, I like pinot noir.  Especially when it’s cold.
2.  I actually look forward to going.  It’s not that the ladies aren’t awesome (they totally are), but I’m not really a joiner.  I’m much more of an introverted loner, so the idea that I would look forward to being social and hanging out with other people while wearing pants is nothing short of amazing.
3.  I still don’t dig nonfiction.  Sure, I’ll read a biography of a president or a famous person.  But self-help, blog-turned-book stuff is not my thing at all.  It’s nothing against the people who write them (I loved Eat Pray Love), but I find myself rolling my eyes more than enjoying it.  It’s a personal thing.

Cheers to year 2!

ragnar A to Z

Also known as, how to survive 36 hours in a van with strangers without harming yourself or someone else.  This post is sponsored by @OrtonPants, who just brought me a beer in exchange for this writing.  Cheers!

A -  Arrival.  As in, arrive at the exchange before your runner.  There’s nothing worse than missing someone and having them stand around like an idiot.

B –  Beer.  (Obviously.)  Longtime readers of ihearpikermis.com will recall how much I look forward to the post-race beer.  Now sponsored by Sierra Nevada, count me INNNNNNNN.

C –  Cheer.  For everyone.  At all times (unless you cash out in the back of the van WHICH HAPPENS SOMETIMES I SWEAR, YOU GUYS).  It makes your team a team.

D – Delegate.  A captain can’t do everything on their own, no matter how much they try.  If no one offers to help, delegate tasks based on people’s strengths.  If everyone is a stranger and you don’t know strengths, make them up.

E – Energy.  No matter how tired you are and how much you wish everyone in your van would suddenly die, someone needs to be enthusiastic enough to keep the team going.  That person is @OrtonPants.  (Not really.)

F –  Foam roll.  You don’t need to do this.  If you’re rolling out phantom injuries, then you’re probably being antisocial and not hanging out with your team.  Not acceptable.

G –  Gators.  As in, alligators.  Easily the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my headlamp while running.  Don’t keep bacon in your pockets, and keep the meat sweats (or meat “sweets”) to a minimum.

H – Honeybucket, the Ragnar word for smelly poo house.  Get to know it, and get to love it.  (Also, hold your breath.)

I – Icebreaker.  In the event that your team is a bunch of strangers, an icebreaker is a good way to get to know each other.  I recommend beer… or Cards Against Humanity.  Or both.

J – John Travolta.  He is the most beautiful man ever.  And when someone decides to commemorate that by drawing his Jedi likeness on someone else’s van, it spawns a storm of crazy that ends in #whalesvagina.

K – Kills.  As in, when you pass people during Ragnar.  Kill or be killed, but only count the positives, and tally them on your van!

L – Locker room.  Most major exchanges with indoor showers will have a locker room.  Expect lots of naked people walking around.  Get over it.  Or, if you went to Catholic school, use the skills acquired there to change your bra without showing off your tits.

M – Meat Wagon.  By far the greatest van name ever.

Hah... REAR.

Hah… REAR.

N – Nap.  Your sleep for the 36 hours of the race will consist of short naps, one of which will likely end when you wake up in a panic, fumbling for your running shoes, thinking it’s your turn.  Relax dude, you’re probably off duty.  Or not.

O – Orange.  The official color of Ragnar.  I always paint either my fingernails or my toenails orange for the occasion.

P – Poop.  Ragnar stomach is a very real thing, and it does not disappear for days after said event.  So poop is imminent.

Q – Quit.  Quit your bitching (aka, keep it to yourself).  But don’t quit your enthusiasm.

R – Reflective vest.  Your new best friend during nighttime hours.  Never leave the van without it.

S -  Sunrise, sunset.  No, not this.  But you’ll get to see at least one sunset, and maybe even two sunrises.  Take pictures.  It’s never looked more beautiful than when you’re sleep deprived and hungry.

T – Taco Bobby.  He was our waiter for the celebratory dinner we had in Key West.  Cool name.  Too bad he sucked at being a waiter.

U – Underwear.  Skip it.  Shorts have a liner.  It’s just one more thing to stink up the van, and we all know there’s enough of THAT.

V – Van.  Your new home.  Give it a name.  You’ll be on very intimate terms by the time you have to drop it back to the rental place.

W – Whale’s vagina.  Also known as Hashtag Whale, our team name for Florida Keys.  It sprung up from an inside joke, and it’s the best thing ever.  Our logo is pretty cool too.


X – XXX.  One of the Ragnar FLK exchanges is in the parking lot of a porn store.  That’s all I got.

Y – Yeti.  Bigfoot is real, and he lives in Lake Forest.  I would know.

Z – Zzzzz… sleep will never feel so good than the first time you get to sleep on a mattress.  It’s basically a little slice of heaven.

training jan 19-25 [106]

Training Stuff:

Monday:  4 miles (35:57 min, avg pace 8:59) + 0.43 miles walking (6:03 min, avg pace 14:04) = 4.43 miles
Tuesday:  7 miles (1:04:33, avg pace 9:13) + 0.39 miles walking (5:27 min, avg pace 13:58) = 7.39 miles
Wednesday:  4 miles (36:38 min, avg pace 9:09) + 0.45 miles walking (6:22 min, avg pace 14:08) = 4.45 miles
Thursday:  1.29 miles (12:02 min, avg pace 9:20) + 1.29 miles walking (21:07 min, avg pace 16:18) = 2.58 miles
Friday:  7 miles (59:13 min, avg pace 8:27) + 0.41 miles walking (5:47 min, avg pace 14:06) = 7.41 miles
Saturday:  14 miles (2:16:19, avg pace 9:44) + 0.48 miles walking (7:37 min, avg pace 15:53) = 14.48 miles
Sunday:  1.11 miles (10 min, avg pace 9:01)

Total Mileage:  41.85
Total Mileage (month):  129.39
Total Mileage (year):  129.39

Total Time:  6:37:05
Total Time (month):  21:08:09
Total Time (year):  21:08:09


  • This is the first week so far where I’ve been like, oh right, I’m training for a marathon.  It’s that first long run over the half marathon distance that gets me every time.
  • I ran my long run outside this weekend!  I had exactly 2.5 hours before sunset, and I juuuuuust made it home in a time before I would have needed my reflective gear!
  • My calves are tight.  Maybe I should just stretch.
  • 12 more days until Ragnar Florida Keys… so I’m completely justified in listening to Radio Margaritaville nonstop until then, right?  Right.