3 things thursday [99]

1.  I’m SO EXCITED – Dad and I were looking for lodging in Key West after the Ragnar Relay in February, and hotels are stupid expensive.  I looked around on a vacation rental site, and found a reasonably-priced cottage that sleeps 4 and is a half block away from Duval street.  Dad was up for an adventure, so here we go!

2.  Why I dislike the NCAA football playoff system:  Once you start debating about the “good loss,” I stop listening.  Losing is losing, folks.  It’s really that simple.

3.  The WRCE dominated at trivia once again!  We’re The Wurst claimed the top prize last night.  Some things we knew about – Walter Payton, Spiro Agnew, and The Good Wife.  Sometimes, we had our answer ready to go before he was done reading the question.  All that means is bar trivia one day, world leadership the next.  Book it.

be kind to your shoes

Disclaimer – Nobody paid me to write this post.  I have been running for 16 years, and I have very strong feelings when it comes to caring for your shoes.

You know what really gets me into a rage?  When I read shoe reviews that say something like, “these shoes I bought for running are really great to use to run errands.”


That is my cue to stop reading your shoe review, because it is clear that you do not know anything about proper running shoe care.  Allow me to educate you.

Running shoes, like other specific types of athletic footwear, are specialty shoes.  If shoes are purchased with the sole intention of being “YOUR RUNNING SHOES,” then that is all they should be.  For running.  Only.  No exceptions.  Not to wear to the Bears game.  Not to go grocery shopping.  Grab yourself a pair of TOMS for all of that other stuff.  Running shoes are for running.

It’s really just common sense.  If your running shoes are only used for running, it extends the life of the shoe.  You might actually get 500 running miles on said shoe, instead of 250 running miles + an unknown amount of junk casual miles.

I mean, you wouldn’t go for a run around your neighborhood in your soccer cleats, would you?

*drops mic*

when you just don’t wanna

After my run (and shower) today, I sat on my bed wondering what to do.  It was 4:15, and I had a pile of laundry to fold, groceries to purchase, words to write, and Revenge to watch.  What did I do, you ask?

None of that.

I laid down on my bed and passed out.  Because sometimes you just need to snooze with a stuffed hippo instead of crossing things off your to-do list.

(As my mother always said, in her best Scarlett O’Hara voice, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”)

Obligatory hippo selfie.

Obligatory hippo selfie.

training oct 20-26 [15]

Training Stuff:

Monday:  1 mile (8:55 min)
Tuesday:  1.15 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:42) + 0.45 miles walking (7:19 min, avg pace 16:17) = 1.6 miles
Wednesday:  5 miles (48:31 min, avg pace 9:42)
Thursday:  8 miles (1:15:05, avg pace 9:23) + 0.48 miles walking (7:50 min, avg pace 16:21) = 8.48 miles
Friday: 5 miles (46:16 min, avg pace 9:15) + 0.37 miles walking (6:23 min, avg pace 17:18) = 5.37 miles
Saturday:  1.1 miles (10:18 min, avg pace 9:21)
Sunday:  12 miles (1:52:15, avg pace 9:21) + 0.23 miles walking (3:45 min, avg pace 16:20) = 12.23 miles

Total Mileage:  34.78
Total Mileage (month):  168.8
Total Mileage (year):  1461.55

Total Time: 5:36:27
Total Time (month):  28:25:28
Total Time (year):  247:08:43

Fun Stuff:

Something Interesting:
As you know, I made the decision to postpone my 20 miler until next weekend.  I woke up today feeling pretty well, but patted myself on the back around mile 9, when I started to struggle.  I finished strong, but man, those last 3 miles were really tough!

Books I Read:
B is for Burglar (Sue Grafton)
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Robert Louis Stevenson)
C is for Corpse (Sue Grafton)

New Beers I Tried:
Unshadowed (Ale Asylum)


I’m pulling a Peyton Manning this weekend and calling an audible.

I have decided to postpone my 20 miler.

Originally I was going to do it tomorrow.  Then Jakre pointed out that the Lions game is actually on at 8:30am, and then he promised my bloody marys and breakfast.  Okay, no problem, I’ll just run it on Saturday (today).

I woke up today, still hacking and stuffy and feeling the lingering effects of the cold that sidelined me all weekend.  Besides that, my face is chapped raw from blowing my nose, and when I sweat it burns to the point where I am almost crying.

So I’m going to wait another week, until I hopefully feel better.  I’ll be buoyed by an extra hour of sleep next Sunday (due to daylight savings), and my legs should be well-rested from the beginnings of taper.  I feel like this is the smart decision, and I am okay with it.

12 tomorrow before the sun is fully up, then bloody marys til I pass out.  Omaha for the win!