what you might not know, part 1

As you recall, one of my goals going into this year was to make more of an effort to show off Mo the Person.  When I had dinner with Anne last week, she mentioned that she didn’t know that I have an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology.  Then I thought, what else don’t you know about me?

Without further adieu, here are 10 things you might not know about me:

1.  Remember that excerpt I gave you from the novel I wrote?  It’s true.  All of it.

2.  I hate the smell of vanilla.

3.  I’m allergic to grass.

4.  When I was in fourth grade, I played a game on the Bozo show, and my team won.  I got a lot of cool prizes, and we also met Tom Skilling that day.

5.  I love old Motown songs.

6.  I actually don’t like pepperoni at all, but I eat it on my pizza because Jakre and I can’t agree on anything else.  But I really don’t like pepperoni.  I prefer sausage.  (OBVIOUSLY.)

7.  It drives me insane when cabinet doors are left open, and I must close them immediately.

8.  My favorite color is purple.

9.  This is my favorite book.  I read it at least once a year.

10.  Birds terrify me.  Especially geese.

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14 thoughts on “what you might not know, part 1

  1. Sweet, now I have notes for our next meat-up!

    I never saw Bozo as a kid (shocking since I didn't grow up here), but Bob was on once, and I think played Bozo Buckets. If a video of this exists, I haven't seen it. The closest I can come is to say that I was once on CLTV, giving drunken commentary after a Bears playoff game.

    Also, MOtown totally makes sense.


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