what i drank wednesday [5]

I have a fancy logo now.  Look out, world.

The theme of this week is basically, I am the Wurst Blogger Ever.  Sorry for the lack of photos!

Run date with Anne, aka run and then drink beer.  I enjoy days like this.  Anne took me to Begyle, and we sampled to our hearts’ content, which was awesome.  (No pictures, because we are the Wurst Bloggers Ever.)  My favorite one that I tried was the Oh Hey! (I know, a stout… who am I?), but that was only after I had already purchased howlers.  WOMP WOMP.

Untappd gives me the best recommendations ever…

For dinner, we went to The Globe Pub, which had the best curly fries ever that totally hit the spot after 5 miles on the LFT.  There were also a fair amount of soccer hooligans about, which was pretty awesome.  Not this awesome, but neat nonetheless.

I had this beer, because when in Rome.  It was pretty good.  I enjoy a good English mild every now and then.


After work, I headed up to Milwaukee for my friend Laura’s 30th birthday party.  Since Laura is awesome, we went on the Milwaukee Brewing Company tour.  I had a couple of beers that I had already tried before, but I did get to try the Little Bitta White IPA, which is brand new.  And awesome.  I don’t have any pictures, because I am the wurst blogger ever, but here is one that I snagged from Laura.

The group on the tour.  Good times.  Good people.

After the tour, we went to dinner at Transfer Pizza.  I had been here once before with Renee, and this place does not disappoint.  The food is excellent, plus they have Spotted Cow on tap.  Win!

For a nightcap, we went to the Palm Tavern, which is always on the list of one of the best beer bars in America.  I had the BrewDog Punk IPA, which was fantastic.  (Click on the link and read the beer description – it’s hilarious.  But not for children.)

Timehop told me that it was National Margarita Day, so the bf and I went to On the Border for dinner, because they had $1 margaritas.

(Well, we tried to go to our local burger/beer bar, but it was packed.  We wouldn’t be able to sit at the bar, so we weren’t interested in staying.)

I got pretty drunk on $2… yep, 3 margaritas, $2.  Our bartender didn’t charge us for the 3rd one, and when Jakre told her that, she just waved us off.  So she got a big tip.

As you probably know from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (oh there I go, e-bragging again!) I ran 18 miles on Sunday afternoon.  And it went AWESOME.  To celebrate, we went to my favorite pizza place for dinner.  When I got home, I had another Heyoka, but Tommy Hawk tried to steal it.

Stupid bird!

Was very productive all throughout the day, and made it through 3 system outages without murdering people, so I earned this one!

Yay for Milwaukee Brewing’s new seasonal!
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2 thoughts on “what i drank wednesday [5]

  1. Don't you mean we pretend to run, then just drink beer and eat? :) But yeah, we do really suck at blogging sometimes.

    I really need to get to Milwaukee Brewing – it's kind of shocking that I haven't already been there given how much I love Wisconsin, beer, Wisconsin beer and brewery tours.


  2. I totally invited you to Renee's with me next time. She has plenty of room for you to stay.

    Milwaukee Brewing is the best tour ever, IMO. Lots of drinking. You don't really even need to go on the tour.


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