3 things thursday [64]

1.  Famous people favorited part of my conversation on Twitter on Sunday!  I was SO EXCITED.

The Harlem. Freaking. Globetrotters.  WIN!

2.  New game – what’s in my grocery bag.  So you can see that I eat like a child and drink way too much caffeine.

Bread. Diet Coke. Cinnamon rolls. Wine for book club.

3.  I feel like I’ve been so patient this winter.  Like, obviously it’s winter in the midwest, it will be cold and there will be snow.  And I just rolled with it, vortex be damned.  I mean, I started tagging things on Twitter and Instagram with #vortexlife and started wearing a koala hat to run.

But enough is enough.

My CW came in yesterday, talking about the 18 inches of snow that’s expected this coming weekend.  It’s almost peak week, for crying out loud!  I am done!  Stop snowing!  Stop being cold!  The grocery store people are coming to expect my bi-weekly visits for laundry detergent!

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4 thoughts on “3 things thursday [64]

  1. I completely agree – I am DONE with winter! I am also at the point where I am done with the indoor running… I just cannot take it anymore…

    But you totally rock for sticking it out with the cold and the snow!


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