guest post from @ortonpants

Hello everyone!  It’s your favorite friendly neighborhood lion here!

Remember when I posted about March?  Well, I’m back to recap!

What a month it was.  I got to travel to West Lafayette, IN.  It sounds boring, but once you realize that my namesake was kind of a big deal down there, it was kind of a big deal for me too.  I am, however, super upset that there is no burger named after me at the Triple XXX Family Restaurant (yeah… I thought it was a porn store too).

Anywho… back to the topic at hand.

March went in like a lion and out like a… lion.  Sorry.  Mo called it a tie, because even though Santos took care of the warm temps, I had my way with wind and rain and other stuff yesterday.

By my count, there were 17 lion days and 15 lamb days (we tied on the last day, that’s why the math doesn’t make sense).  SO I WIN.  LIKE I SAID.

Hope you had fun trying to figure out the days!  And how did you like my April Fools joke today?  Hahahahahaha

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