rock n roll las vegas virtual 5K

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Rock n Roll Las Vegas, inviting me to participate in the kickoff event.  While they opened registration for a few days at the end of last year, it has been closed since.  The fun run was a cool way to jumpstart their registration.

The virtual option was simple – you registered, ran a 5K on your own, and then submitted proof in the form of a picture.  Once the time is verified, a t-shirt is mailed to you.  All for free.  I was SO in.

Virtual awesomeness

Confession:  When Wednesday rolled around, and it was cold and awful outside.  I didn’t want to do it.  I was planning on coming home from work, doing a single mile, and spending the rest of the evening on the couch.  I have more than enough t-shirts, I reasoned.

Luckily for my running life, fate intervened.  As in, I split open my work pants, leaving me with 0 pairs of work pants (my other pair split in the same spot a few months before).  So I had a bit of an emergency on my hands.

I put my credit card and ID into the back pocket of my shorts, and away I went on a pants adventure.  (A pants party, if you will.)

Decided to break in my Pittsburgh shoes… several birds, one stone

Mile 1:  I should mention that I am currently on strike from winter.  I refuse to wear pants or capris to run, no matter how cold it is outside.  So shorts it is.  In 37 degrees.  People are giving me strange looks, probably because I am also wearing gloves and a fleece headband with my shorts.

Mile 2:  Halfway through this mile, I arrived at the Old Navy close to my house.  I stopped my watch, went inside the store, bought a pair of pants, and left.  I spent about 10-15 minutes inside the store (I ogled the scarves for quite awhile, but purchased none.  SELF-CONTROL, PEOPLE.)

Mile 3:  Back the way I came, this time carrying a pair of pants in a plastic bag.  I have the bag looped around my wrist, and it’s tucked under my arm.  It’s annoying, but not cumbersome.  I’ve run with bulkier grocery bags before.

Mile 3.11:  I had no energy to sprint.  My legs still don’t feel awesome after the marathon (and the shuffle), and I’m not interested in pushing myself at all this week, as it should be.  My watch records the 5K distance, and I’m done.  Time for a hot shower and dinner with little bro.

Obligatory post-“race” selfie
The official post-race party.

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2 thoughts on “rock n roll las vegas virtual 5K

  1. Okay, now the pants thing makes more sense. I always think about running to Target, but how would I ever get everything home? I lack the will power to just buy one thing.

    I like your shandy and Mindy post-race party :) (the calzone reference obviously made me think of you)


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