mo v. chicago marathon

Dear Chicago Marathon organizers,

WOW.  Can you believe that the race is LESS THAN 2 MONTHS away?  It seems like just yesterday we were receiving the lottery results and making the mad scramble to pay the registration fee in the Athlete Center.

Speaking of the Athlete Center, I have a question.  What is up with the start corral system this year?  It is, in a word, terrible.  It used to be so simple – you’d fax in the appropriate document, and later that day, your corral letter would show up on your confirmation page.

But now?  The deadline is Monday, and I have yet to receive a letter next to my name.

Let’s start at the beginning – I’ve actually sent 3 of the same emails, containing the same information.  Only once have I gotten an automated reply from your office.  It’s a crapshoot at this point, whether or not my information was received, and whether it will be updated at all.

Call me crazy, but I feel that as someone who paid $185 to run your race, I should at least know approximately what time I will be starting, so that I can train accordingly.  I worked hard to even be in a position to request an early start corral.  Reward me, dammit!  Don’t drop the ball.  At the very least, use your fancy email skills to let the participants know what is going on. 


Mo (I’m in corral C, pleaseandthankyou).

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11 thoughts on “mo v. chicago marathon

  1. I haven’t heard of a Chicago Marathon ’14 runner who has a corral assigned yet. A simple post on the marathon website stating that they are behind in assignments would suffice. Oh yeah, and a note that they are pushing back the deadline date that corral changes can be made (which as of right now is in a few days) . Corral assignments are a big deal. Until mine is official, I can’t relax. I need to know that I won’t be way way back weaving through crowds of walkers and costumed people on stilts the entire race!


  2. shit, i dont know if i got an email from them either… i sent only one. ugh. what corral are you trying to get into? ps- email me so i can get your phone number and meet up saturday (or maybe be in your corral!)


  3. i dont know what it is about this word press thing… i comment and then try to sign in and then it doesnt leave my comment. or does it and i cant see it? i dunno… sorry if i comment twice. anyway- i emailed them a while ago too, and im not sure i ever heard back. were we supposed to? ugh… what corral are you trying to get into? also, email me your phone number and we can try to meet up saturday (if you want haha, i swear im not creepy! a little weird maybe though) :)


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