3 things thursday [90]

1.  Big announcement – I sold out.  Yes, it’s true.

I was contacted by Ragnar earlier in the week, and I signed a contract to be a Ragnar Ambassador for 2014-15.  It’s really a no-brainer on my part – I did 4 this year, and will probably do 4 next year.  I love Ragnar.  I say nice things about it.  I introduce new people to Ragnar, and make them love it too.  As always, there will be no sponsored posts on this site, even with regard to Ragnar.  It’s basically one of those things where I can answer questions about Ragnar… and of course, @OrtonPants would be happy to answer some too!

2.  Tonight is the Rock the Night 5K, formerly known as the Terrapin 5K.  I’m looking forward to a nice run along the lakefront and a Bell’s beer as my reward.  Also – they have a free shuttle back to Union Station, which saves me a lot of miles on my legs.  I can’t wait!

3.  Marathon training is going really well this time around.  No, seriously, it is.  Yes, I’ve biffed a couple of times on my weekend runs for one reason or another, but I’ve always made up the mileage, something I didn’t do in previous cycles.  I’m running at a slower pace for training, so my endurance is building like crazy.  Every time I get done with a long run, I assume that I’m some sort of badass ultra runner.

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9 thoughts on “3 things thursday [90]

  1. You being a Ragnar ambassador just makes sense. The only things that would make more sense would be beer or sausage ambassador. Is that possible? If so, I want in on that.

    Have fun tonight! see you tomorrow – I’ve missed meating up this week.


  2. I don’t understand why they changed the name from the original and unique “Terrapin 5k” to bland, generic “Rock the Night 5k”? My neighbor told me she’s not running it because it’s not the Terrapin anymore! Anyway, it will probably just be exactly the same. Have fun!


  3. I don’t think that is selling out! I have a friend in my club who love love loves Ragnar and was an ambassador this year. It makes sense. I liked being an NFEC ambassador for that reason… but they sold out to Fitfluential. ha.

    Have a fun 5K! :)


  4. I think you would be the perfect Ragnar ambassador. You’ve done so many Ragnars, and you genuinely enjoy them! You’d do Ragnar whether or not you were an ambassador. Comparatively, I’ve seen a lot of folks become ambassadors for no reason other than they wanted free swag, you know?

    That is great that Rock the Night is providing shuttle services to Union Station. Gotta love when races make logistics that much easier!!! Looking forward to hearing more about how things went last night!


    • Aww thanks for the nice Ragnar wishes!

      I actually didn’t make it to Rock the Night – I got all the way downtown, and it was raining so hard, and I was 3 miles away from Soldier Field, that I got back on the express train and went back home, haha.


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