the anti-inspirational league

You were supposed to get a race report today, but here’s what happened on Thursday:  I got the last spot in the Metra lot, all the way down at the end where it’s narrow.  I took the train downtown, exited Ogilvie, and… there was rain.  SO.  MUCH.  RAIN.  I had 3 miles to get to Soldier Field.  I figured, by the time I get there and go through packet pickup, there’s a very good chance that I will have to stand in the rain for an hour (because my new shorts are NOT sitting in the mud).  I decided that did not sound like fun, so I hopped back on the (express, yay) train and went home.  I was at home and had run and was eating pizza and watching football when the race started.  I’d say I win.

I love this post from Suz earlier in the week – I’d love to think that if you met me in person, I would be exactly the same person you read online.  (That’s what I strive for, anyway.)  But, you know, sometimes reality is a little to the left.

I am:

-Snarky – Very true.  I don’t have to know you for too long before I start cracking jokes, mostly about other people.  Sometimes it’s not nice, but it sure is funny.

-Socially Awkward – I am the weirdo person standing off by herself, staring hard at someone because I recognize them and think I know them, but way too chicken to go over and investigate further.  When I first meet you, I stare at my feet, and often stutter.  It’s super attractive.

-Stable – I have a job.  I make money.  I am not in any debt.  My family has been through hell this year, and I’d like to think that I’ve held up really well.  I’d like to think that I held up others well.

-Fiercely independent – I actually used to be the kind of girl who molded herself around whatever guy she was dating.  Like, I only cared about his stuff and not any of my own.  I did that with Jakre too, in the beginning and for 4 years after.  I know – 4 YEARS.  It was like one day, I woke up, crawled out of my shell, and remembered who I was and the things that made ME happy.  Obviously, since Jakre and I are now engaged, it only made our relationship better.

-A terrible housewife – I don’t like to cook and I don’t like to clean.  I can do both, but choose not to.  Sometimes my house resembles a frat house, but rest assured, if you are coming over, I will swish out the toilet for you.

-Not a fan of people who aren’t as smart as me – This sounds terrible, but hear me out.  A lot of it stems from my job, where people ask me the most idiotic questions (like, why doesn’t the webpage load when I type an email address into my browser), and I have to answer them politely and without telling said people that they are stupid.  I was always a smart kid growing up, and I worked hard to be smart, and to be good in school.  Anyone can be smart with a little hard work.  It frustrates me to no end when people want you to do everything for them, and don’t bother to learn things for themselves.

-Loyal to a fault – If you are my friend, then you are my friend forever.  Even when you do shitty things to me, I still keep you around… why, I’m not always sure.  But I care about your well-being, and will go out of my way for you.  FOR LIFE.

Your turn – what is one thing you are but your blog isn’t?

8 thoughts on “the anti-inspirational league

  1. Obviously it was snark (and beer) that drew us to each other, but I’m so very glad and extremely lucky to have a friend like you right now because of a lot of those other points.

    And your toilet was indeed very clean. The internet needs to know that.


  2. I really love this post, Mo!

    On my blog I aim to tell the full story but there’s a lot that I don’t write about on the blog- just because a lot of my life is pretty boring! I’ll have to think about specific traits though that I don’t think I convey on the blog. That’s a tough question.


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